Important Preventive Maintenance Guidelines for Your Facility

26 Sep

Getting used to the same routine is easy and sometimes people forget that there might be a better way of doing things.  In management of facilities, maintenance is a key factor and this does not just factor in maintenance once the systems which are in use have broken down but also taking measures to prevent serious and frequent maintenance issues from coming up.  Proper maintenance of facilities and the equipment which are used therein is key if you want to spend less time, resources and money in dealing with breakdown issues.

 You do not have to set complex maintenance goals as long as the objective is to cut the cost of operating the equipment, avoid failure as well as increase the life of the machines.

 For preventive maintenance to take place smoothly, you need to plan for it well starting with indicating the correct number of the machines to be maintained, the particulars of maintenance activities to be completed and details of what transpired on the previous maintenance days if any.

 Working with a plan will make your decision making work easier but this will only hold if you are able to follow through on the plans you have made.

Setting a schedule will not only ensure that the machine performs at its optimal but also gives you important information on the changes you have to do on staffing to avoid overspending.   Expect that there will be people with differing opinions on what you should or shouldn't do in preventive maintenance but  be wary of getting swayed by opinions you do not subscribe to.

 Maintenance plans at should be clearly outlined and the implementation and scheduling carried out in the most simple manner.

 When money is being spend without checking on transactions history, spending what you do not have or using too much and getting disappointing results is common and the crisis will hit you as a surprise.

 It is possible to brainstorm the issues which can affect a particular gadget or facility and come up with the best solutions to such.

 It is not strange to realize that many people have no idea of the assets within their facility when given a short time to account for each and everyone of them.   Not knowing what is withing your facility is not a laughing matter and you should have in-depth knowledge of every asset that you have, how it operates and also whether or not it needs to be checked out.

 Do not entertain workers who do not take their duties seriously.   Accountability is important for successful preventive maintenance and clear description should be given to avoid shifting blame.

 You should not encounter serious issues in preventive maintenance at if you have precise guidelines.

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